A company is a group of assets held to carry on a business and profession.

Imagine a bar: the company is the bar, the coffee machine, tables, inventories, and all you need to exercise an activity that takes place in accordance with a license issued by the Competent Authorities, within premises that may be owned or leased premises.

The company is "held" by a contractor, who is a person (individual or company), equipped with a its own VAT, which has chosen to start a certain activity, creating a network of contacts that lead to having, after a while, what is technically called goodwill.

The entrepreneur, individual or companies, may decide to sell its business to another entrepreneur (someone who has already become or a person who becomes a new enterpreneur with the purchase of the company) or by a company, which will continue that particular activity.

To do this step you have to go to the Notary. This is not an unnecessary burdening of procedure but of an intervention that on one hand ensures the certainty of the passages (taking care of the necessary advertising at the Company Registration Office); on the other hand this will provide you with any useful information both in terms of quantification of the fees payable by the purchaser, both in terms of processing possible methods of payment (which may not be "everything now"), and also developping appropriate guarantees that protect the seller.

The legal liability for all possible fiscal issues (including tax) relating to the period prior to sale must also be taken into consideration.

Our office is fully equipped to formulate the contract that best meets the needs of certainty for both sides, to help quantify the costs of the operation and its convenience, to give certainty and assistance to the parties in providing the suitable guarantees.