There are many ways for doing business today.

There is much talk of giving incentive to young people and new economic initiatives, too often accusing Notaries without knowledge of the facts. Our office is formed of young people and professionals who are the first who want to give support to young people, ensuring the best free consulting about the choice of the best legal form for the enterprise and in the elaboration of lean but effective statutes.

To make an informed choice it is essential to have an accurate picture of advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing a joint-stock company means, in a nutshell, to be sure of limiting your own entrepreneurial risk, as well as to be able to do business on your own (single-member company) without the risks of the sole proprietorship and with very low capital investment also considering the recent changes to the law.

On the other side, however, this imposes higher management costs, especially for what concerns bookkeeping, that is not ordinary and simplified as in the sole proprietorship.

These operating expenses are retained even if you choose a limited liability simplified company, which is now a viable option regardless of age, even if it provides for the adoption of a standard model statute.
Such a choice, therefore, must be made with a minimum of foresight, also in relation to the type of business and the financial balance to be achieved, in order to assess the case in accordance with the need to obtain credit.

Our office is fully equipped and also works with the world of start-ups, particularly with respect to establishment and development of the statutes of innovative start-ups, which can represent today a great opportunity for the new and growing Italian entrepreneurship.

More rare but still present, especially in the Milanese reality, the corporation which implies a more rigid structure and more constant supervision. Sometimes, however, the type of activities to be undertaken requires a choice of this social type.
We must not forget, finally, that choosing that type of company does not necessarily means that you are obliged to keep it unchanged, since you can use ductile instruments such as transformation.

Many companies today decide to simplify their organizational model (obtaining significant cost savings) or to make it more structured (perhaps by moving to a capitalist model to limit their liability) just thanks to this tool that allows you to continue in all contracts, in ongoing relationships and in any licenses without imposing complex registrations of transfer.

Even tasks such as splitting or merging are certainly not reserved for large companies but they are very often the fastest and the most convenient way to streamline your business with significant savings in the operational management costs.

Our office has expertise and experience in business law and offers a 360 degree service to ensure the best results according to your needs, also in collaboration with a trusted public accountant constantly updated with several changes intended to foster the uprise of a new entrepreneurship.