There are many ways for doing business today.

There is much talk of giving incentive to young people and new economic initiatives, too often accusing notaries without knowledge of the facts. In our notary office a staff of young people and professionals are the first who want to give support to young people, ensuring the best free consulting about the choice of the best legal form for the enterprise.

To make an informed choice it is important to have an accurate picture of advantages and disadvantages. For example, choosing a partnership implies a decisive saving in the company management but exposes the heritage of those who decide to become a member at high risk business.

There is only one type of partnership that avoids, in part, this high business risk: it is the
limited partnership, in which next to a social entrepreneur (general partner) who manages the business, there is a partner who could only risk his own (small or large) investment in the company, but necessarily with a position of a secondary management.

Not everyone knows, in fact, that by adjusting the terms in a way that does not respect this principle is in fact likely to blow up the screen of limited liability on the part of the limited partner, with consequences obviously of great importance in the case of crisis for the company.

Partnerships, then, have a peculiar discipline in case one of the partners is lacking and it is necessary to adjust in the social pacts, with special clauses, this possibility in order to escape from future disputes.

And it is in fact important to be aware of the social pacts that will regulate social life: it is the first and most important backbone of your business.
Also in this area, therefore, a conscious decision today can protect from future claims.