A foundation is a legal entity that is equipped with a heritage in function of the realization of a goal, usually beneficial.

One subject, defined founder, decides to remove a portion of his/her own assets (the so-called separation of estates) and to create a variously structured entity with its own organization.

It is also possible to create a foundation in life or with a will, perhaps giving one's name to an institution: it is a fairly frequent way with which we are assured that after our own death, our own resources will be used, in whole or in part for the purposes deemed worthy by the founder.

As regards goals within certain specific areas, you can also apply for recognition as a charity: this allows you to get a series of significant tax breaks, both in the constitution and in the course of the practical life of the institution.

Both for the establishment of the entity and possibly for the assumption of the non-profit status, precise procedures are to be followed.

We will accomplish all of the practices at the entities responsible, providing the appropriate documentation with the articles of association.

We provide also the drafting of the statute, reflecting the needs of the parties, the parameters of the law and ensuring at the same time flexible and streamlined procedures in the actual functioning of the institution.