It has been much talk of the abolition of inheritance tax. Yet the passage of goods following the death can never be separated from the formalization of a complaint of succession, which must be submitted within twelve months of the death.

The first thing to consider is who the heirs are, what degree of relationship exists with the deceased and if the assets left by the deceased were properties or not.

The statement of succession is an essential step in order to proceed with the sale of any assets to the heirs.

Our office has an efficient staff that will give you any most appropriate assistance, carrying out all the calculations for the application of the law rates and to ensure the presentation of the proper documentation in order to enjoy the legal exemptions, verifying the possible applicability of facilities, providing a quick service and also ensuring the solution of any problems.

We draw also affidavit, useful for quickly unlocking the bank accounts of the deceased.

We also have ongoing collaboration with professionals from foreign countries to handle practices related to buildings (located in any part of Italy) when the succession practices were opened abroad. In fact, our Notary office has specific expertise in the field of private international law and is equipped to perform any translation of documents.

We also deal with non-profit organizations for the care of all the necessary paperwork to get a quick availability in case of bequests in their favor, even having a staff prepared for all legal matters related to disputes.