Making a will is back in fashion.

Far from being a practice of the past, a will can be a simple and inexpensive way to ensure a peaceful future to those who we care about.

If this instrument in the traditional family is not widespread, it can have great importance for many new types of social families. What happens when in the absence of wedlock a secure future to your partner cannot be guaranteed? And what if the relationship with the family of origin has been broken and now you live a life with other affections and ties?

In all these cases the will is a definite answer that may guarantee peace of mind.

The testamentary matter is traditionally one of the fields of election of the notary, a field where the preparation in this complex area provides clear answers and defined solutions even in the most complex cases. We must not forget that not only is it necessary to adhere to a strict formalism, but also that there may be many and articulate solutions adoptable.

We can provide assistance in the draft of holographic wills, and of course in the preparation of public wills, always recommended when a future conflict is feared.

We have strong competence in the private international law to ensure a succession framework also to the growing number of foreigners who choose to live in our country. In some cases, finally, it may be useful to use the instrument of the international will, when the interests at stake overcome the narrow barriers of national borders.