When I was asked to write an introduction on me it took me about a month to decide what to enter, because I am not used to appear before an audience that I cannot see but it was a challenge that I could not help facing.

There are a thousand things I could say about myself because there are thousands of different things that I tried to do or I am passionate about in life. But although it may seem strange or even trivial, who knows me knows that one was the only constant thread that captured all my efforts after graduation: the Notary.

My family is not a family of Notaries, so I was often asked the reason for my choice. I would say that once in my childhood I went with my father to a Notary and I was impressed by the sense of power and authority that surrounded him. So, after College I embarked on this path, in the belief that this was a great challenge - I love challenges! - and especially that of the Notary was an important profession, where 'white is white and black is black' .

It was not easy to reach the goal, not so much for the many hours of study (actually it has never been a real problem with me), rather for the determination it takes to never give up. I was also lucky, of course, to have a family that supported me, which I will never forget.

By now I have reached my goal and at last I am happy because I can practice the profession to which I aspired and I love to do. I love the contact with people; besides I cannot conceive the figure of the Notary as perched and unreachable. I like feeling people's trust, which is won on the field and not by a simple institutional role; I like taking care of the problems and find the right way to solve them; I like shaking hands with people who come out of my office with a smile on their lips.

I love to explain that my profession is historically linked to the honor and respect of the law, that there is almost always a solution to every problem: you only need the right idea to look for it. I like to make people understand that behind my work there is much more than a 'simple signature'.

I always try to put passion in what I do, commitment, competence and professionalism.

My customers will always find a smile and an endless search of excellence.