We deal with every real estate practice, following the customer from the beginning of the negotiation to the necessary steps following the signing of the act.
The purchase of a property is a very important moment in the life of every person, and nothing should ruin the happiness, the joy of the moment.

The Notary is the professional most suitable and competent to provide advice in this step, ensuring the success of the operation and safety of purchase. The Notary in particular is responsible for verifying that property belongs to those who declare to own it, that they can dispose of it and that there is no kind of legal or conventional constraint. The Notary guarantees in all respects a secure purchase for which he is personally liable.

The initial negotiation can hide pitfalls that could jeopardize the success of the purchase.
It is for this reason that we invite you to contact us as soon as possible, and before undertaking any obligation without the necessary checks in order to accompany you from the early stages of the negotiation to avoid unpleasant incidents.

We are at your disposal for advice and warnings on the main necessary controls. You will be given this information in a form completely free of charge.

Our notary office will examine what is the best legal instrument that meets the interest of the Parties, and also especially from the point of view of taxation. Buying a house is in fact one of the choices most influenced by the IRS: in making the decision to buy a house, taxes and tax breaks can really make a difference!

After carrying out the necessary checks in the Land Registry and examining the planning history of the property, including the vision of the plan which shall correspond to the actual state of the property, checking that everything is perfectly in order, buyer and seller can proceed with the conclusion of the execution of the public deed of sale before the notary public, thereby transferring the ownership of the property in question.


It is a type of contract very close to everyday life.
With this legal term we are referring to nothing more than the barter, i.e. the exchange of goods.
Probably everyone went to buy a car to the dealership giving back his old car: in this way, or at least in part, it has been realized a trade-in.

There are many areas in which this type of contract is useful: the best known is the agricultural sector, but it can also serve to fix the family's interests and make common property division. In addition, in real estate operations, trade-in is an instrument that offers many opportunities in a period in which asking for a bank loan would be particularly burdensome for private: anyone with a plot longing to buy a house, for example, can arrange with the constructor to move the site and get, in exchange, the home of his dreams full of all the details.

Futhermore, Trade-in can also be a valid idea against corporate crisis. In fact, it can be used to regulate relationships with customers: if we think about the construction field,it may be easier to exchange a building with a rather large supply of material without being forced to gather an adequate amount of money.

Whatever are your needs, our firm is available to guide you through the best choices under the fiscal point of view, to let you know the short-and long-term consequences and to prepare and arrange the best contractual instruments so that you won't renounce to your dreams or to an opportunity.