I was born on the 24 of july in 1980 in Milan, the city where I live and work and that I love deeply.

I have wonderful parents who have always supported me and a great sister.

I've always been a very lively child, even too much. I attended the Institute V. Colonna and then continue in secondary education with the Barnabites teaching in Zaccaria Institute; I've grown fond of them and I still pass some time there.

In 1999 I enrolled at Bocconi University (it was the first year of the new law degree) and I graduated in 2003 without any delay with a degree thesis in international law.

These years were more about happiness, fun and airiness than "crazy and relentless" study... although this would be coming soon.

In fact, my notary's adventure began in October 2003: I entered in a world unknown to me and at first I did not quite understand it. In my college career I was not very studious but I soon realized that my easiness at learning things was not enough and my rhythms were no longer acceptable.

Then I started to study seriously, including on Saturdays and Sundays (with a break on Sunday afternoon always dedicated to football!).

I have studied in Milan where I have had the fortune to meet an irreplaceable Master who accompanied me on the way and conveyed me the passion for the Notary, the one with capital N, essential to support the endless days of study.

After entering in the Register of Lawyers of Milan, in 2009 I won the Notary competition and become Notary before in Ponte dell'Olio (PC) where I worked for about a year and now finally in Lombardy, where I'm exercising my profession with great satisfaction.

I'm a sportive man at 360 degrees, with a strong preference for team sports where the fatigue and the passion of the single players merge to win all together. I played football for a year in different divisions and now I'm playing in the National team of Notaries, with which so far I've won two European Championships, the first in Nuremberg and the second in Krakow (with a fracture of the fibula and the ankle ligaments just to mark a record!).

Now my new passion is kitesurfing!

I love travelling and roaming around in unfamiliar cities... I love getting lost among the streets of Cartagena de Indias, getting excited in the Atacama Desert and admiring the penguins at Punta Arenas.

After winning the Notary competition I decided to leave for South America, a continent that I have visited from Bogota to Torres del Paine, from Valparaiso to Bahia, passing through Panama, Punta del Este and Buenos Aires... I love those places and those cultures!